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5th Annual Young Playwrights Competition

A public reading of the winning plays from Dorset Theatre Festival’s Jean E. Miller Young Playwrights Competition, which is supported by Bennington College faculty, students, and alumni, will be held on Friday, September 29 at 7 PM.

Headed by the Dorset Theatre Festival, students, faculty, and alumni have come together to help support young playwrights in the local community. 

The Bennington College Mentors who participated this year in supporting this program were made up of Bennington Alumni and students, including Alan Dupont, Julia Lorello, Eric Conner Marlin, Jeremy Geragotelis, Sam Levitt and Matthew Kirby. Faculty members Sherry Kramer and Burcu Seyben judged the competition. 

Dorset Theatre Festival's artistic director (and Bennington faculty member) Dina Janis said, "At Dorset, we are committed to supporting new voices in the American theatre and that starts with our Young Playwrights Program.  What is exciting also is to be able to involve so many Bennington students, both current and alumni, in the nurturing of these terrific new talents."  

Through this work, the Dorset Theatre Festival said that it "continues its commitment to community, education, and developing new talent and plays." 

The winning plays will be presented to the community in a public reading at the Dorset Playhouse, located at 104 Cheney Rd, Dorset, VT. This event is free and open to the public. Seating is general admission, and no ticket is required.