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Alison (Young Eun) Cho ’14 Named Associate Director of International Students and Scholar Advising

Alison (Young Eun) Cho ’14 was named Associate Director of International Students and Scholar Advising at Bennington College at the start of the fall term. This is a new full-time position 100 percent dedicated to international students’ needs. The role involves handling logistical, social, and emotional support for those studying far from home.

Alison (Young Eun) Cho ’14

“Alison brings a special combination of personal and professional experiences, institutional knowledge, and a warm and friendly personality," said Provost Maurice Hall. "All of these qualities make her an ideal fit for this position.” 

Alison was raised in South Korea, Malaysia, and California and was, herself, an international student at Bennington. In fact, her senior work in music and anthropology related to “third culture kids,” people who grow up in a culture other than the one in which their parents were raised.

“In different settings, I often found myself feeling ‘too Korean’ or not Korean enough. Then I came to the U.S. for college, where people would characterize me as Asian, rather than Korean,” she shared. “I can relate to international students studying at Bennington and what it is like to navigate change and transition in a new place.” 

In addition to her personal experience, Alison’s education has prepared her for the role. She received her master’s degree in International Education from the School for International Training’s Graduate Institute in 2017. She has worked as the Assistant Director of International Student Services at Williams College and as an International Student Advisor and Coordinator for the International Student Office of the School of Visual Arts in New York City. In addition, she was a Graduate Intern at Yale University’s Office of International Students and Scholars. 

Previously, the work of International Student Support had been embedded in Academic Services. 

“The Provost’s Office team is exceptionally grateful to Kate Child and Rage Hezekiah for their work to support international students over the past several years,” said Provost Maurice Hall. “They developed many important processes and infrastructure that they are transferring to Alison. They will continue in their primary roles of providing holistic academic support for first- and second-year students.”

Among her many duties, Alison will facilitate conversations on all aspects of the international student experience at Bennington, and she will advise international students, scholars, and staff on the support services available.

“I have met several international students already, and they remind me of the talented, compassionate, and fiercely outspoken change makers who were part of my Bennington family and who made this campus feel like home when I was a student,” Alison said. “I look forward to creating a culture that empowers students and to becoming an integral part of what makes Bennington a welcoming community for our international students.”