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"Ask the Big Questions"

Dance Spirit interviewed Director of Field Work Term and Career Development Faith McClellan about the role that college counselors can play in advancing a student's dance career. 

From the article: 

If you want to go far with dance after college, head to your university's career services office early and often.

"We try to see all first-years during their first semester," says Faith McClellan, director of Field Work Term and career development at Bennington College in Bennington, VT. "That's when you should ask the big questions: What you love about dance, what you want to know about the field of dance, where you want to fit in the broader dance world, and how you want experiences like internships or intensives to help you explore those questions." Whether you're set on going pro right after graduation or just want your postgrad work to be somehow connected to dance, on-campus career counseling can prep you to do amazing things with your dance degree."