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Bennington Awarded $75,000 for COVID-19 Financial Aid Relief

Bennington College has received a $75,000 grant from The Endeavor Foundation, which has been used to provide financial aid relief for students who are facing financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

"This pandemic has imposed many strains on our most financially vulnerable students," said President Laura Walker. “These funds will help to offset those stressors and enable students to focus on their academic goals and the Bennington College experience.

Among the challenges faced as a result of COVID-19, the College has seen an increase in financial aid appeals from students whose economic circumstances have been negatively impacted by the pandemic. 

The Endeavor Foundation’s $75,000 COVID-19-Related Financial Aid grant helps to offset some of the costs Bennington has already incurred as the College assists students with high-need in financing their education.

The Endeavor Foundation is dedicated to efforts that foster independent thought, ethical understanding, deep appreciation of the arts and reverence for the natural world. The Endeavor Foundation has pursued these objectives primarily by supporting and catalyzing excellence in liberal arts education and related fields, and has supported the curricular and pedagogical development of a significant number of liberal arts colleges in the United States.