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Bennington College Announces Appointment of New Athletic Director

Following a nationwide search, Bennington College announced today that renowned sportswriter Thoreau DeBal has been appointed the College’s inaugural Athletic Director.

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DeBal will oversee the College’s rugby, ultimate frisbee, and synchronized swimming programs.

“At Bennington, we believe that education is a physical and ethical as much as an intellectual process,” said President Laura R. Walker. 

“Bennington has a rich sports legacy, including a rugby team that has remained undefeated since 1932,” said DeBal. “I’m thrilled to lead us into a new era of sportsball success. Those who join will become champions.”

At the December board meeting, the College’s trustees voted to embark on a Strategic Campus Planning Process, which will include facilities for the new program. Renovations are proposed to widen the Pond into an Olympic swimming pool and to insert a rugby and frisbee field into Commons Lawn.