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Bennington College Launches Satellite Campus in Space

Image of Commons in Space

Today, Bennington College announced its plans to open a new satellite campus, which will be launched into space, buildings and all, on April 8.

“Bennington has always been ahead of its time, and we have deliberately aligned this initiative to coincide with the solar eclipse,” said Bennington College President Laura Walker. “In the town of Bennington, we’ll experience almost 97 percent totality, but on our satellite campus, we’re hoping to do even better—offering our students a 100 percent, total eclipse of the arts.”

“Interest in Bennington continues to grow year over year,” said Vice President of Enrollment Tony Cabasco. “In order to best serve our students, we decided to open a second location, and where better for a satellite campus than space? Students will have a quiet artistic haven and a literal makerspace surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty in which to forge their own paths—much as Bennington students at our main campus enjoy.” 

In addition to offering the same faculty-mentored, student-directed learning utilized by students on Earth, the College is creating a new Center for the Advancement of Public Action (CAPA) to account for extraterrestrial relations. 

Space CAMPA (Center for the Advancement of Multiplanetary Action) will address a host of concerns, including Way Beyond Plastics, which aims to reduce the amount of space junk clogging the atmosphere, and Human Rights and Intergalactic Peacebuilding, for when alien contact is finally established. New Field Work Term opportunities—for full credit, albeit with zero gravity—will also be forthcoming.