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Bond Discusses PFOA on Spectrum News

David Bond on Spectrum News

Associate Director of Center for the Advancement of Public Action (CAPA) and faculty member David Bond was interviewed by Spectrum News regarding the findings of the College's most recent PFOA study.

From the Spectrum News report:

"Finding PFOA particles—a chemical pollutant—in the the town of Hoosick Falls's drinking water spurred a massive environmental and health crisis, but a new study by Bennington College suggests the impact of the contamination may have spread further than originally thought. The Regional PFOA Soil Study: How far did PFOA Emissions Travel? took earth samples from areas in New York and Vermont to gauge just how far the chemicals spread."

Faculty members Tim Schroeder and Janet Foley also contributed to this research and together, Bond, Schroeder, and Foley published an op-ed summarizing their findings.