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The National Endowment for the Arts has announced that Marguerite Feitlowitz will receive a Literature Translation Fellowship of $12,500. This Fellowship will support the translation into English of two books  by Chilean poet Ennio Moltedo.

While students embark on Field Work Term, an annual work-learning term during which students gain hands-on experience and test their classroom ideas in the world of work, Bennington faculty and staff offer their reading recommendations to keep everyone’s intellectual juices flowing wherever they are.

Bennington Writing Seminars faculty member Carmen Giménez Smith is a finalist for the 2019 National Book Awards in Poetry.

Technical Instructor in Printmaking Corinne Rhodes recently published her new instruction book, Non-toxic Century Plate Lithography Part 1, through Blurb Books.

Faculty member Jennifer Rohn has won the Boston Theater Critics Association’s Elliot Norton Award for Outstanding Actress, Small or Fringe Theater, for her performance in Dark Room.

In Entropy Mag, faculty member Marguerite Feitlowitz shares a personal perspective on writing and literary translation. 

Faculty member Maya Cantu's essay, "Beyond the Rue Pigalle: Recovering Ada 'Bricktop' Smith as 'Muse,' Mentor, and Maker of Transatlantic Musical Theatre," has been published in the Palgrave Macmillan collection, Reframing the Musical: Race, Culture and Identity.

Faculty member Anna Maria Hong will serve as a judge for the 96th annual Kathryn Irene Glascock ’22 Intercollegiate Poetry Competition at Mount Holyoke College.

Collider Theater, a new company co-founded by Robert Murphy and Jean Randich, is dedicated to presenting work which explores the collisions of cultures. Collider has joined with HB Studio to present an EST/SLOAN Foundation commissioned play, Julie McKee's The Secret Life of Seaweed. 

Faculty member Sue Rees served as the technical director for the four-city tour of Karnatic Kattaikkuttu.

Technical Instructor of Lighting and Dance Production Mark O’Maley is the instigator and designer for the art installation A Thing is Determined by its Nature, a collaboration with WCU Theater & Dance Associate Professor Liz Staruch in the Knauer Gallery at West Chester University in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Nathan Glazer, a former faculty member who taught from 1958-1960 at Bennington College, has died at age 95.

The Bennington College community celebrates the legacy of Mary Oliver, former faculty member and prizewinning poet.

Faculty member Marguerite Feitlowitz recently published translations of poems by the Chilean poet Ennio Moltedo and French writer Liliane Atlan in Asymptote Journal, World Literature Today, and Exchanges: Journal of Literary Translation.

While students embark on Field Work Term, an annual work-learning term during which students gain hands-on experience and test their classroom ideas in the world of work, Bennington faculty offer their reading recommendations to keep everyone’s intellectual juices flowing wherever they are.

Miguel Gutierrez’s latest dance piece, which features a cast of Latin American heritage, "melds the formal and the personal, the tactile and the untamed," writes Gia Kourlas in The New York Times.

Faculty member Sarah Harris's article, "'They Tried to Bury Us: They Didn't Know We Were Seeds': Intergenerational Memory and La casa," was recently published in European Comic Art.

From December 6, 2018, to January 19, 2019, Ann Pibal's Surf Type is on display at Team Gallery In New York.

Senior fellow and visiting faculty member Judith Enck shared her tips for going green this holiday season.

Faculty member Carol Pal's chapter, "Accidental Archive: Samuel Hartlib and the Afterlife of Female Scholars," was recently published in Archival Afterlives: Life, Death, and Knowledge-Making in Early Modern British Scientific and Medical Archives.

The Nation interviewed faculty member John Hultgren for an article exploring the links, both historical and contemporary, between nationalism and environmentalism. 

Faculty member Anna Maria Hong's novella H&G and debut poetry collection Age of Glass have been selected for Entropy Magazine's 2018 "Best Fiction Books" and "Best Poetry Books & Poetry Collections" lists.

The New York Times honored the work of faculty member Phillip B. Williams and Poetry at Bennington and Bennington Review writers Jericho Brown, Shane McCrae, Kevin Young, and Reginald McKnight in its feature on 32 American men who "are producing literature that is essential to how we understand our country and its place in the world right now."

Maboula Soumahoro was highlighted by Le Monde among ten women of African or Afro-descent who have "dedicated their lives to deciphering the colonial past, the slave trade, and the place of women in this painful memory to bring about a world where black women have their place."

Tim Daly '79 stars alongside his real-life sister Tyne Daly in Downstairs, a new family drama by Theresa Rebeck, at Primary Stages through December 22. 

Visiting faculty member Judith Enck was quoted in The Guardian's investigation into the removal of the EPA's climate change section. 

During visiting faculty member Judith Enck's presentation, "Turning Our Oceans into Landfills: The Growing Problem of Plastic Pollution," Enck, a former EPA regional administrator, encouraged students to work locally to enact change around single-use plastics. 

Visiting faculty member and former EPA regional administrator Judith Enck weighed in on CBS News about the sudden leave of EPA children's health official Dr. Ruth Etzel.

Afghanistan's parliamentary elections, scheduled for October 20, 2018 after a long delay, will give a sense of how far diplomatic and military efforts in the country may—or may not—go in the future, writes faculty member Noah Coburn in The Diplomat.

The Guardian highlighted faculty member Anna Maria Hong's H&G as leading the way for a new avant garde in literature.