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Campus As Runway: Bennington Student Style

So you want to dress like a Bennington Student? Here’s how we do it.

By Mary Brothers '22

When you get dressed in the morning, what do you think about?

Image of woman posing with coffee mug

I think of being a cartoon character.

Mars Boucher ’22

Image of woman wearing patterned outfit

If I can stretch in my clothes.

Charlotta Flora ’24

Image of man posing in front of painting

My laundry bin. The clothes I can’t wear.

Thomas Vaethroeder ’24

Image of man holding plate wearing mask

I used to really care about style. Now I’m down to 10 pieces of clothing I cycle through. I like dark colors. I like layers.

Asa Marder ’23

Image of man smiling outdoors

What I want to give off, why I want to say what I want to say with my clothing. I’m really into prep style and reinterpreting that.

Sawyer London ’24


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