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Deschenes Interviewed in Art News

Liz Deschenes was the subject of an article and interview in Art News on her mid-career survey at Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. She was spoke about thoughts on photography, her plans for the organization of her upcoming ICA exhibit, and the political and artistic influences on her art. 

“Photography has always been a hybrid. I’m really defiant about the idea that photography is this or that. Black-and-white, color—I’m not interested in that. Narrative, non-narrative—those are ways of oversimplifying the discipline, so that you can just dismiss it. If you put something in a category, then you don’t have to think about it anymore.”

Deschenes' work has been up at the ICA since July. She is also currently showing work at Paula Cooper and Miguel Abreu Galleries in a double show with Sol LeWitt's work.