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Deschenes, LeWitt Show Together

Liz Deschenes has two new shows on view now—one at Miguel Abreu Gallery and the other at Paula Cooper Gallery. In both, her work is presented in conversation with that of acclaimed conceptual and minimal artist Sol LeWitt, who passed away in 2007. 

The shows, Liz Deschenes / Sol LeWitt at Miguel Abreu and Sol LeWitt / Liz Deschenes at Paula Cooper, are open concurrently. Both are organized in collaboration with New York artist and art dealer Oliver Renaud-Clément. 

The show at Miguel Abreu is open from September 11–October 23. It juxtaposes LeWitt's work with "a constellation of new photographs conceived in response [to it]" by Deschenes. Full information is available on their website.

The show was favorably reviewed on Crave, who called it "a sumptuous dip into the deep, into the space where photography becomes more than an object that bears witness—it becomes a transformative experience unto itself." 

The show at Paula Cooper, which is "a sweeping celebration of LeWitt's prolific career" opened September 8, and will be on view until October 22. According to the gallery, "the show will feature new work by Liz Deschenes in dialogue with a selection of serialized photographic works by DeWitt." More information is also available on their website