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Entering The Workforce With No Connections? Make Some.

In her column for Forbes, President Mariko Silver writes about how cultivating professional relationships can help to bridge the advantage gap for recent graduates entering the workforce. 

A Bennington Student

"Much of the debate over higher education today focuses on which type of school best prepares students for the workforce and whether we are training young people in the right skills at the right level," writes Silver. "These are valuable questions, but they also obscure the fundamental truth that career success is only partially determined by what happens in the classroom. College is just one piece of a larger puzzle. Professional success is also determined by circumstances and the relationships that have nurtured us throughout our lives. No one is entirely self-made and the system isn’t a pure meritocracy."  

[Professional relationships] are not substitutions for the college experience, but complements and amplifiers.

President Mariko Silver