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Entropy Magazine Selects Hong's Books as Best of 2018

Faculty member Anna Maria Hong's novella H&G and debut poetry collection Age of Glass have been selected for Entropy Magazine's 2018 "Best Fiction Books" and "Best Poetry Books & Poetry Collections" lists.

Best Poetry of 2018

"The sonnet, that most venerable of verse forms, can never go out of fashion for long, because there’s always someone out there revitalizing it," writes poet David Lehman in his review of Age of Glass. "One such someone is Anna Maria Hong, whose terrific book, Age of Glass, consists almost exclusively of sonnets that revel in the intricacies of their artifice."

From the 2018 Best Fiction roundup:

"In this hybrid novella of trauma and survival, Anna Maria Hong re-imagines and extends the tale of Hansel and Gretel, breaking its received patterns of abandonment and abuse to set G. to wander a world racialized and gendered by power dynamics at every turn." 

Survivor, artist, hero, G.’s decisive action at the Witch’s oven becomes the kernel of a new identity

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