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A Filmmaker Who Can Do Anything

Alexey Tarasov ’24

Six Questions with Alexey Tarasov ’24

Alexey Tarasov ’24 is an international student from Russia. He has studied video and photography. We caught up with him in advance of graduation to discuss his time at Bennington. 

How did you get interested in photography and video? 

I started making videos when I was ten. I have been interested in this branch of art for a long time, especially making short music videos. In high school, I concentrated on History and Economics, but I realized I want to be an artist and do something creative. 

How did you first hear of Bennington? 

My first awareness came from researching faculty. I learned that Bennington employs a number of independent filmmakers who have had amazing artwork and photography exhibited in the United States and around the world. So I was excited to come here and study. Also the Plan Process, in particular, caught my eye, because it allowed me to take a variety of classes to develop the context of my artwork. 

Who has been your most influential faculty member? 

I worked with Mariam Ghani on the production of her cultural documentary film, Dis-eased. I worked on the trailer and have helped post-edits. It’s a cultural documentary about how humanity has approached diseases. It was a life-changing opportunity for me. I have realized my future goals as a filmmaker. I have worked with professionals in the industry, and I have developed skills that are very beneficial towards my career. 

What have been the most exciting milestones in your time here? 

I received an offer from independent filmmaker Ariel Ritchin, who has been working on a documentary about PFOA found in Hoosick Falls, New York. His film is called Contamination. He was very excited hearing that I had experience. He has hired me to be a cinematographer for his documentary. 

What has been the most satisfying thing about your educational experience? 

I have seen the potential in my work and developed myself as an independent artist. I feel confident in many skills related to making video: videography, cinematography, editing. I have become a filmmaker who can do anything, thanks to the educational program Bennington offers. 

Tell us about your advanced work. 

For video, I have made a feature-length movie containing new and past work. It discusses creative loneliness, struggles, and challenges of independent artists in the world. For photography, I am combining analog photos I took of Bennington with a view camera with other media—my own and my father’s drawings, primary school essays about motherland, and others—in a book that draws comparisons between Bennington and home. It was exhibited at the Senior Show

Tarasov is applying to fellowships and internships in the United States and to universities in Russia.