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Forbes on Tomorrow's Hot Colleges

Bennington was one of three colleges in a Forbes feature about colleges that are about to be hot under bold, entrepreneurial leadership.

Image of Mariko Silver

From the article:

“Bennington is an undervalued asset,” insists Silver, now 38, from her office in the “The Barn,” a red H-shaped building in the middle of a meadow, which has avant-garde works of modern art hanging on its walls. “That means it has something major to contribute to society.” Silver points out that each of its 675 or so undergrads is tasked with creating his or her own ” learning plan” and must arrange for a seven-week off-campus field study each January and February. “ Unlike other schools, Bennington forces students to learn how to be strategic. You have to build your strategy brain to move through a Bennington education,” she says, mentioning that one of the Class of 2016 graduated with a concentration in space architecture.