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Fridley ’97 Receives Young Scientists Award

The New York Academy of Sciences has awarded Dr. Jason Fridley ’97 a 2012 Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists in support of his research on the impact of climate change and invasive species on terrestrial ecological communities.

Image of Jason Fridley

Dr. Fridley, an ecology professor at Syracuse University, was one of four winners in the faculty category to receive the $25,000 prize.

Dr. Fridley’s wide-spanning research has been published in several of the most prestigious science journals, including—over the past year alone—both Science and Nature magazines.

“Having a paper published in just one of those journals is worth recognizing,” said Bennington ecology faculty member Kerry Woods, a former teacher of Dr. Fridley’s. “Both in one year is something very few people manage.”

Dr. Fridley’s work primarily concerns the ecology of plant communities, including their organization, their distribution with respect to the environment, and their control over ecosystem processes.

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