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McClellan Receives $237,000 Grant for Bioresearch

Biology faculty member Amie McClellan has been awarded a $237,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to support her continued research on a cellular protein that may have therapeutic implications for various types of cancer.

Image of Amie McClellan

The grant will be awarded over three years, allowing Dr. McClellan to continue to identify novel substrates and functions of the Hsp90 molecular chaperone. The longtime focus of Dr. McClellan's research, molecular chaperones are abundant and essential cellular proteins that facilitate the folding and function of numerous protein substrates. Hsp90 is a particularly hot target for potential therapeutic interventions in various types of cancer due to its role in folding potentially oncogenic cell signaling proteins.

The goal of the newly funded research is to build upon her previous work uncovering the breadth of Hsp90 activities in yeast, and will utilize both biological and bioinformatic approaches to further contribute to the global picture of Hsp90—shedding light on its essential cellular functions and substrates. In addition to providing funding for laboratory reagents and supplies, the grant provides funding for a part-time laboratory technician and for undergraduate students to participate in Dr. McClellan's research during the summer and Field Work Term.

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