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A New Look at Chekov

Faculty member Kirk Jackson stars in Living Room Theatre's internationally relevant new adaptation of Anton Chekov's Three Sisters at the historic Park-McCullough House.  

Kirk Jackson

The production runs from August 2 - 18 and takes place in the Carriage Barn on the Park-McCullough property. Tickets and information are available on LRT's website.

From the Bennington Banner

"This summer, LRT has modified its typical two-show slate to one, choosing to go big, according to Zinn. Opening Aug. 2 and running through Aug, 18, LRT will tackle the challenges of a new play, presenting the U.S. premiere of Irish playwright Lucy Caldwell's Three Sisters, a modern version of Anton Chekov's masterpiece by the same name.

The show will be directed by LRT founding member Christopher McCann, and produced by Zinn.

'Three Sisters' has been on LRT's top 10 list for seven years,' Zinn said, in an apparent nod to the many Chekov works staged by LRT. 'I was so excited when I read Caldwell's version, and I imagined it staged in the Barn.'

Zinn said Caldwell's version takes the Chekov tale of tumultuous Russia in the early 1900s and moves it to 1990s Ireland in the conflicts and ceasefires during the Troubles, as the period is known, when the British military occupied Northern Ireland.

Three sisters, Orla, Marianne and Erin, dream of escaping their tedious suburban lives for a fresh start in America. It's Erin's 18th birthday and, as the sun shines and guests assemble, everything for a fleeting moment feels possible.

To add another twist, Chinese immigrants flood into Ireland at this time as Hong Kong is about to be handed over from British rule to China. In the middle of this maelstrom, people still live their daily lives during political upheaval and dream and hope and get through the day as best they can."


I'm always impressed by how timeless and prescient Chekhov's work is. He's saying that the human drama of hope and need is the same in every epoch, every country and every soul.

Allen McCullough, Park-McCullough House owner and LRT co-founder