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Object Actions

Dancer and filmmaker Pooh Kaye MFA '04 had a series of short films featured on Contemporary Art Daily

Object Actions

Contemporary Art Daily, a daily journal of international exhibitions, featured Kaye's show, Pooh Kaye: Object Actions 1975-1980, which was on view at Shoot the Lobster (New York City) up until the end of June.

They write: "Kaye’s films encapsulate key tenets of dance and performance art of the time: the movements they capture are task-like, pedestrian—rigorously casual, even. Simultaneously choreographies, performances, films, and documents, they speak to the profound interdisciplinarity of this moment in downtown New York. Yet these films also turn from this paradigm, embroidering their pared-down actions with proscribed elements like narrative and theatricality, heightening an absurdity that was perhaps always latent in the dance lineage from which they emerge. In doing so, Kaye introduces a psychological excess that would increasingly come to dominate her work as a choreographer and filmmaker from 1980 onwards, and which one can retrospectively see percolating under the surface of New York’s larger artistic climate in the 1970s." 

Photo: Marcia Resnick.