From the President

President's Work Group on Shared Governance—February 18, 2021

The following message was sent to Staff on February 18, 2021.

Dear Staff,

As part of our campus-wide work around shared governance, we’d like to invite you to engage with Dr. David Maxwell, a Senior Consultant with The Association of Governing Boards (AGB). This virtual opportunity will take place this coming Monday, February 22 from 10:00-11:00 am ET.  The Zoom meeting information is below:

Zoom Conversation with Dr. David Maxwell: 2/22 at 10:00 am ET

The purpose of this event will be for David to listen and answer any questions you have for him. We will plan to record this session for anyone who is unable to attend. I have included Dr. Maxwell’s bio below so that you may learn more about his background.

Shortly after this meeting, we will send all students, faculty, and staff a survey we created around shared governance at Bennington. The results will be key in helping us to better understand each constituency's perspectives and feedback on this important subject for the College. We will also soon send you a call for nominations for four staff representatives to join me on the task force. These individuals will be accompanied by the four faculty members recently elected at the end of the term: Hugh Crowl, Noëlle Rouxel-Cubberly, John Hultgren, and Liz White.