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"Rich Houses"

Rich Houses, a memoir essay by Samantha Krause '17, was published by Fiction Attic

image of a beautiful, wealthy home, with statue

In the essay, Krause writes movingly about a childhood tradition she shared with her father, and how that tradition changed and gained new meaning as she grew up. 

She writes: "I can still hear the radio playing in the background, still smell the coffee in my dad’s metal thermos and hear the stories he told me about the impressive adventures of his twenties. Going to see the rich houses was a normal tradition to us; it was treasured time spent together; it was once every month or every few. Then, after we had finally seen enough, he would turn the car around and we would go home." Fiction Attic publishes thought-provoking work, including short stories, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, and novellas, online and in print. 

Image credit: Matt Jones.