Student Work

SCT Senior Thesis Presentation: Spring 2018

On Tuesday, May 22, 2018 seven seniors presented their SCT theses. Hosted by SCT Faculty member David Anderegg, this evening presentation offered an exciting vision of what SCT students have been working on this term. From the celebrity culture to decolonizing mental health, from the political life of shrines to policing protest, these presentations showcase the breadth and depth of Advanced Work in SCT.


Mardryka Adzick '18, Black Ain’t Lack, But Education Ain’t Black

Ebi Causey '18, Crowds Beyond Comprehension: Representations of Space and the Policing of Protest

Francesca Edwards '18, An English Town’s Pilgrimage to Brexit: Coal Mining, New Labor, and (White) Working Class Decay

Everett Haddard '18, American Country, Global City

Krisztina Hogye '18, Fandom and Celebrity Culture

Rumana Mehdi '18, Bulleh ki jaana main kaun: Politicisation of Sufi Shrines in Pakistan

Lulwama Mulalu '18, Decolonising Mental Health in Botswana and Indigenising the DSM