From the President

Shared Governance Task Force—March 1, 2021

The following message was sent to Faculty on March 1, 2021.

Dear Faculty,

We have created the below shared governance survey in partnership with the Association of Governing Boards and invite all faculty to participate. (Similar surveys are being sent to students and staff). The results will be essential in helping us to better understand each constituency's perspectives and feedback on shared governance at Bennington College. We would appreciate your responses by Monday March 8.

Shared Governance Survey for Faculty

We have completed listening sessions with students and staff and are inviting members of each constituency to join the task force. These individuals will be joined by five of our trustees, four students (to be self-elected shortly) and the four faculty members recently elected at the end of last term: Hugh Crowl, Noëlle Rouxel-Cubberly, John Hultgren, and Liz White.

We look forward to learning from your survey feedback, and continuing to collaborate on this important project together.