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Society, Culture, and Thought (SCT) Senior Thesis Presentations: Spring 2024

On Monday, May 20, 2024, eight seniors presented their SCT theses.

Image of SCT students
Students gather in CAPA Symposium

Hosted by Society, Culture, and Thought (SCT) faculty member Emily Waterman, this evening presentation offered an exciting vision of what SCT students have been working on this year. 

From climate reparations to emotional regulation, from Democrats crucible in rural America to colonial continuities in Modi’s India, from first-generation students' perception of therapy to the role of religious institutions in language preservation, these presentations showcase the breadth and depth of Advanced Work in SCT. Moving from formal presentation to festive reception, SCT Faculty Emily Waterman raised a glass to toast the inspiring work of graduating seniors and all the horizons ahead.


Malvika Dang '24: Colonial Continuities within Hindutva's Women

Robin Fitzgerald '24: Preserving the Land, Defending Freedom: How Visions of Freedom Shape the Natural World

Will Greer '24: Can Democrats win in rural America?

Isabel Harper '24: Climate Reparations: A Transformative Approach to Global Environmental Justice

Julia Henck '24: Dangerous Bodies: Reading Race and Sexuality in Candice Lin’s A Hard White Body 

Shushan Lazaryev '24: Religious Institutions in Assyrian Language Use and Preservation

Andrea Morantes '24: Mexican-American First-Generation College Students' Perceptions of Counseling and Therapy

Karina Gonzalez Perez '25: The Importance of Emotion Regulation in Parents