Field Work Term

We Don't Usually Take On Interns

The vice president and editorial director of This I Believe shares what convinced him
to take a Bennington intern.

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Jason Moon loves public radio. During his four years at Bennington he has built a resume that will stand out in the field. He is proficient in Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, and SoundSoap. He is an experienced editor and interviewer with the ability to package and distribute stories. And he knows people. Jason has spent his Field Work Terms working with John Gregory from This I Believe; Jay Allison, who produces and airs stories for All Things Considered, Morning Edition, and This American Life; and Viki Merrick, producer of The Moth Radio Hour.

I should tell you that he spoke highly of Bennington—and I see why. Whatever you’re doing, it is working.

“We don’t usually work with interns. In seven years we’ve had five interns altogether. We’re a small organization and we just don’t have the time to provide the guidance that interns usually need. But we hired Jason Moon because he stood out as a serious student. He was clearly dedicated and already making impressive audio at Bennington. Jason had developed some of the skills in his own work that would allow him to jump into our work—and he did.

“When he arrived at This I Believe he picked right up. He was mature and impressively self-directed. In seven weeks he packaged more than 400 audio essays for the web, and helped produce several weekly podcasts. Needless to say, that is a huge undertaking and adds so much value to the work we’re doing here.”

Jason's Experience

First Year: WBHM Public Radio, radio intern  

Sophomore Year: Dial A Stranger, creative and clerical intern

Junior Year: This I Believe, production assistant

Senior Year: Atlantic Public Media, project manager