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Field Work Term is Bennington College's annual work-learning term during which students gain hands-on experience and test their classroom ideas in the world of work.

This photo contest brings those experiences  to life. Students use #FieldWorkTerm to share photos of themselves making, working, and learning to tell the story of their unique work exploration over Field Work Term.

Bennington’s seven-week, off-campus winter term called Field Work Term, was highlighted this week in the Sunday, January 6, 2008 The New York Times Education Life article “Five Colleges Where Work Counts.”

The vice president and editorial director of This I Believe shares what convinced him
to take a Bennington intern.

36 states. 42 countries. 6 continents. (Antarctica, we’re coming for you!) During Field Work Term 2018, Bennington students went everywhere. 

Bennington’s experiential “learning by doing philosophy” of education allows students to assemble a toolbox of skills, which in turn prepare them to not just secure a job, but also to become innovators and leaders in their chosen fields.

Writing briefings for Senator Bernie Sanders’s staff. Discussing healthcare with callers from Kansas. Crossing paths with former Vice President Joe Biden. All a normal day in the life for political science student Elizabeth Fox ’20 during her Field Work Term (FWT) internship for Senator Sanders’s office in Washington, DC.

Nush Laywhyee ’19 initially came to Bennington excited to study medicine. After a Field Work Term (FWT) experience at a hospital, however, he realized that it wasn’t for him.

When Bennington alumni mentor current students during Field Work Term (FWT), the time is invaluable to both. Alumni get to connect with the next generation of Bennington students, gaining new perspectives on their current projects. Students, in turn, get the opportunity to ask questions and form connections within the broader Bennington network.

Search engine optimization, data management, and...rapping? At first glance, selling train tickets might not seem like an artistic job, but as Zanna Huth ’20 can attest, Trainline’s innovation-friendly culture encourages creative work.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, how can we improve this conference call?

How can food capture what makes a community distinctive? As a graduating senior studying Visual Arts, Public Action, and Dance, Isabella Poulos ’18 has devoted her time at Bennington to studying the intersection of food, art, and community.

From Off-Broadway premieres to local festivals, museum preservations, community choirs, and more, the New York State Council for the Arts (NYSCA) provides funding and support to all types of artwork across the state.

For those looking for an intensive summer Field Work Term (FWT) experience, the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program, hosted by the Research Institute in Sociology and Social Inequality at Texas A&M University, literally turns up the heat.

How can artistic and cultural displays in public places contribute to a community’s overall health? At The Trust for Public Land, Roua Sibai ’21 explored this question during her summer Field Work Term (FWT) as a creative placemaking intern.

While students embark on Field Work Term, an annual work-learning term during which students gain hands-on experience and test their classroom ideas in the world of work, Bennington faculty offer their reading recommendations to keep everyone’s intellectual juices flowing wherever they are.

As part of her Field Work Term at the Bennington Free Library, Michelle Freeman '20 led community programs focused on mental health, learning, and self-esteem.

Bennington College has received a $3,000 grant from the Vermont Community Foundation’s Opportunity Fund for Southshire Youth. This award will be used to implement Student to Student, a college access mentoring program that will pair first-generation students  from Mount Anthony Union High School with first-generation Bennington College students.

At the American Museum of Natural History’s exhibit T. rex: The Ultimate Predator, guests are invited to interact with displays, including a touchable cast of a T. rex femur, which Eulala Harden Scheel ’20 helped sculpt during her Field Work Term.

“In the world, it’s often the case that a Deaf person is expected to read lips, have the accommodations they need, to do the work to hold a conversation, when really it’s hearing people who should be making the effort,” said Madeline Poultridge ’20.

When five first-year Bennington College students began their annual Field Work Term at Bennington Project Independence in January, they were not sure what to expect working at an adult day care facility.

As the Robert Frost Stone House Museum opens for its second season under Bennington College’s stewardship, visitors to the property will be invited to reimagine Frost and his surrounding environment with (Im)Possibilities of Landscape, a senior curatorial work presented by Sophia Gasparro ’19.

Over his 2019 Field Work Term, Ahmad Yassir '20 designed and taught the first courses in arts and peacebuilding at Abaarso School for Sciences and Technology in Somaliland.


Sam Mistry '19 discusses his Bennington experience and new internship at the Sundance Institute Feature Film Program.

This winter, Bennington College and Southwestern Vermont Medical Center (SVMC) will offer six students fully-paid, health-related internship opportunities as part of the inaugural Population Health Fellowship. Population health transforms the healthcare model— in thinking about healthcare from seeing patients only when they are sick, to partnering with people to address their social, environmental, and economic issues before they become sick. 

“We love working with Bennington, and we would love to have more students join us,” said Donnica Wingett of Safe Passage/Camino Seguro. “It says something when someone comes from so far away and looks our kids and moms in the eyes and says, ‘Hey, how are you? I care.’” 

After Zalkar Ziiaidin ’22 graduates, he plans on becoming a full-time software engineer. However, as Ziiaidin pursues his studies at Bennington College, he’s not waiting to make his mark on the ever-evolving world of computer science.

Benyamin Mohammadzadeh '20 studies Business and Mathematics at Bennington College. A lifelong soccer fan, Mohammadzadeh spent a Field Work Term with FIFCO, the International Corporate Football Federation, where he helped organize the 2019 World Cup in Monaco and secured participation from the Iranian corporate football federation.

While students embark on Field Work Term, an annual work-learning term during which students gain hands-on experience and test their classroom ideas in the world of work, Bennington faculty and staff offer their reading recommendations to keep everyone’s intellectual juices flowing wherever they are.

Bennington College has been awarded a four-year $290,000 grant from the New York-based The Endeavor Foundation to launch The Endeavor Foundation Environmental Changemaker Fellowship Program, which includes funded internships for Bennington students to work in nonprofits with a focus on environmental justice.