Faculty News

Woods Published in Forest Research Journal

Ecology faculty member Kerry Woods’ research on "Losses in understory diversity over three decades in an old-growth cool-temperate forest" has been published in the March issue of the Canadian Journal of Forest Research.

Co-authored with David Hicks of Manchester College and Jan Schultz of the U.S. Forest Service, the paper reports on a new facet of Woods' long-term studies of old-growth forests in Michigan, for which he recently received a $5,300 grant from the Hanes Fund for Botanical Research.

Woods has given research talks and lectures about the Michigan research at Williams College, the Edmund N. Huyck Preserve, the North American Forest Ecology Workshop in Virginia, and the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, and will report on yet another facet of this work—analyses of how these forests contribute to the carbon cycle as carbon reservoirs and sinks—at the 2012 meetings of the Ecological Society of America in August.