Paradigm for Plan Progress and Advanced Work Meetings

The Plan committee’s conversation with the student should elicit information that allows it to reconfirm the basics:

  • Plan title or question
  • Primary area(s) of study (note rationale for any changes from list on the cover sheet)
  • Supporting area(s) of study (note rationale for changes from list on the cover sheet)
  • Discipline group(s) responsible for assessing progress in the student’s work
  • Who specifically will be responsible for overseeing the work

Ask the student to speak to these questions:

  • Have you successfully completed the goals agreed upon in the Plan proposal? If those goals have changed, discuss the changes and how your revised Plan addresses them.

  • Have you studied a broad enough range of disciplines? Are there specific areas that still need to be explored to round out your studies?

  • Have you developed an appropriate focus and sophistication in your work?  What do you aim to pursue in your area(s) of study during your final year?

  • Have you demonstrated adequate writing skills? If not, how do you plan to remedy that over the next two terms?

  • How are you ensuring you have the needed knowledge and preparation for the proposed advanced work?

  • What do you intend to accomplish/explore during this last year at Bennington?

  • Describe how your proposed Advanced Work addresses and/or demonstrates your capacity to:

1. Construct an inquiry

2. Communicate shared ideas, and respond to critique

3. Engage in contributive/collaborative work in and out of the classroom

4. Create and revise work

5. Perform research

  • How have you taken/will you take advantage of FWT and other co-curricular opportunities in your education?