Abbey Killam

Image of Abbey Killam
Technical Instructor in Science

With a coach’s approach to science teaching, Abbey Killam works closely with students in chemistry, cell biology, and other scientific fields in the lab and in their independent work.


Killam is originally from Ohio and moved to the Bennington area in 2013. She has a degree in Chemistry from the University of Toledo where she was involved in the American Chemical Society and the soccer team. Before joining Bennington as Technical Instructor in Science in 2014, Killam worked in the field of medical devices and pharmaceuticals and also coached high school soccer. She now can use the teaching aspect learned from coaching and apply it to her love of chemistry. Killam works closely with the chemistry, cell biology, and other science faculty by assisting students in science labs and with independent projects. She also maintains the science equipment and develops new student labs to add variety to the laboratory curriculum.