Farhad Mirza

Image of Farhad Mirza
Visiting Faculty

Farhad Mirza '12 is an interdisciplinary artist.


Mirza recently worked on a low storey between two others (2019) with Katarina Burin, Another Room (2019) with Hilary Clark, and Twenty-Two Hours (2018) by Bouchra Khalili. A new show with Katarina Burin, stay where you are until something else happens (2020) is upcoming at Significant Other in Vienna. His previous teaching includes workshops at the Boston Society for Architecture's BSA Space and Project Link (now Design Discovery: YA) at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Mirza received his Master of Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and his Bachelor of Arts at Bennington College. He was a Technical Instructor in 3D Technology at Bennington for the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 academic years and returns as a visiting faculty member for Fall 2020-Fall 2021.