John Hultgren

John Hultgren

John Hultgren's work explores the theoretical and ideological foundations of environmental political struggles.

Barn 242
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A scholar of environmental politics and political theory, Hultgren is the author of Border Walls Gone Green: Nature and Anti-immigrant Politics in America (University of Minnesota Press, 2015). The book explains and critiques the strange intersections that exist between the environmental movement and the immigration restriction movement. In addition to book chapters, he has published articles in the Journal of Political Ideologies, New Political Science, and Alternatives: Global, Local, Political. His current projects include an analysis of environmentalist alliance-building efforts with other social actors (such as labor unions and immigrants’ rights organizations) and a theoretical and ethnographic exploration of environmental values on “Main Street” (that is, small-town, working-class America). He received his PhD in Political Science from Colorado State University (2012) and has previously taught at Colorado State and Northern Arizona University. Hultgren joined the Bennington faculty in Fall 2016.


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