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On Tuesday, December 5, 2023, thirteen seniors presented their SCT theses. 

Bennington College was on the ground in Dubai as the 28th round of UN sponsored climate negotiations got underway.

Bennington College faculty are encouraged to follow their own interests and the interests of their students as they propose their classes. As a result, classes, as many as half of which are new each term, feature topics that are always reflecting new lines of inquiry.

Muhammad Ammar '24 discusses how he and other Muslim Bennington students are observing the holy month of Ramadan. 

By Mary Brothers '22

“We love working with Bennington, and we would love to have more students join us,” said Donnica Wingett of Safe Passage/Camino Seguro. “It says something when someone comes from so far away and looks our kids and moms in the eyes and says, ‘Hey, how are you? I care.’” 

Writing briefings for Senator Bernie Sanders’s staff. Discussing healthcare with callers from Kansas. Crossing paths with former Vice President Joe Biden. All a normal day in the life for political science student Elizabeth Fox ’20 during her Field Work Term (FWT) internship for Senator Sanders’s office in Washington, DC.

Forward.com published an op-ed by Ella Ben Hagai, "Why BDS Debates Actually Benefit Jews." 

Earlier this week, The Jerusalem Post published an opinion piece by Michael Cohen about Trump and the future of democracy. 

Faculty member Erika Mijlin was quoted in an article called "Sanders claims most 'likes' in congress," which appeared in the Times Argus this week. 

Mike Rugnetta '06 was part of a live-streamed conversation called "Fed Up: On Social Media and Democracy."

Inside Higher Ed wrote about Bennington’s pop-up courses, highlighting the flexibility of the model, and the breadth the pop-up courses offered by faculty members across the disciplines.

Jenn Stanley '09 and her father Peter participated in an interview on StoryCorps titled "Just In Time for the Election, It's Time for Some Family Political Therapy." In it, they spoke the way that their differing political opinions have affected their relationship. The interview ran on NPR's Morning Edition.

Criminal Justice Reform in Vermont

Thesis by Ben Simpson '16

Maliha Ali ’15 led in the restoration of a defunct public library in her native Pakistan this summer through a $10,000 grant from the Davis United World Scholars Projects for Peace program.

Political science faculty member Rotimi Suberu presented a paper on "Prebendal Politics and Federal Governance in Nigeria" at an international conference on Nigerian politics last month.

Political science faculty member Rotimi Suberu authored a chapter in Corruption, Global Security, and World Order, a new book published this year by Brookings Institution Press.

Faculty member Mansour Farhang was on NPR's The World this week to discuss the political implications of journalist Roxana Saberi's imprisonment in Iran. An American-Iranian, Saberi was convicted of spying for the United States and sentenced to eight years in Iranian prison.

On September 19, 2008, Bennington College faculty member Mac Maharaj received the prestigious Global Award for Outstanding Contribution to Human Rights from Priyadashni Academy in Mumbai, India.

Image of Crina Archer
Former Faculty

Crina Archer takes on political theory, radical democracy, American politics, and gender studies to study the concepts that shape our sense of community, our worldviews, and our individual practices.

Image of Rotimi Suberu

Rotimi Suberu’s research on Nigerian government and politics and international relations have prompted invitations to consult for the Nigerian government, the World Bank, the National Endowment for Democracy, Freedom House, and the Forum of Federations.

John Hultgren

John Hultgren's work explores the theoretical and ideological foundations of environmental political struggles.

Image of David Eisenhauer
Former Faculty

David Eisenhauer is a geographer whose research focuses on how climate change and sea level rise are impacting coastal regions. His current project documents how historical patterns of housing and economic discrimination along the New Jersey shore have created uneven landscapes of vulnerability and resilience as well as explores how pathways for adapting to climate change can produce more sustainable and just futures.