Steve Moog

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Visiting Faculty

Steve Moog is a cultural anthropologist whose work focuses on everyday acts of resistance enacted by anarchist punks in Indonesia. He utilizes collaborative multimodal ethnography and anarchist methodologies in his research and teaching.


Moog is a cultural anthropologist whose work explores implementations of anarchist philosophies in the anarcho-punk scenes of Java. His work examines global connections predicated on do-it-yourself (DIY) ethics as resistance. He utilizes collaborative methodologies which have produced multimodal ethnographic materials such as photo-books/zines created with punks in Indonesia. He also conducts research on gender and pariah femininities in San Diego’s punk scene. Moog’s interests in DIY and anarchism extend into the classroom, where he experiments with punk and anarchist pedagogies. He holds a B.A. in anthropology from California State University San Marcos, and a M.A. and Ph.D. in anthropology for the University of Arkansas. Moog was a visiting faculty member at Bennington for Fall 2022.