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A senior’s work in social engagement during a period of social distancing.

By Mary Brothers '22

Students in Yoko Inoue's Make Kitchen Communal Practicum weekly served delicious, nutritious soups made from local ingredients to essential staff on campus.

The Bennington student founders of the Slow Cooked Movement discuss how they brought community, nutrition, and local farms together during this Field Work Term. 

Tim Collins spoke on WKVT in September about performing The Bystander, a one-man-show based on the bystander effect, at Bennington College. 

Developed by Rohail Altaf '17, Eli Back '16, Andrew Cencini, Chris Mussolini, Wesley Evans '15, Robin Hrynyszyn '15, Haley McGough '15, Jonah Nigro '16, Sarah Shames '17, Trevor Stannus '15

Work from Social Practices in Art by Olivia Brooks '16 and Whitney Davis '15 

Recipes 4 Dialogue is a project started in the fall of 2014 by a group of Bennington College students as a way to foster meaningful conversations between students at the College and people in the town of Bennington.

Work from Social Practices in Art by Brooke Morrison '15, Nathan Paul '15, and Rocco Farano '16

By Aruna D'Souza

Image of Robert Ransick
Former Faculty

Robert Ransick draws inspiration from the social and political world we live in, history, and the potential for a future that is better.

Part III of Making Space—for home, for preservation, for performance, for community.