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Bennington’s cultural collaborations create a hotbed for arts in the community by Heather DiLeo

Field Work Term at Bennington College with Holly McCormack

What Amy Blomquist Buckley ’83 started as a “niche” place to go for great coffee and homemade food in 2012 quickly blossomed into what many locals—and tourists—consider an essential Bennington hangout spot by Heather DiLeo

Nina Hardt Lentzner ’91 and Joel Lentzner ’91 opened contemporary craft and fine art gallery Fiddlehead “the last day before Y2K” in the grand neoclassical marble building that housed their bank when they were Bennington students by Heather DiLeo

Making a Difference in Detroit: Entrepreneurship, Activism, and Art with Ben Hall '04

The collaborative approach to revitalizing Bennington’s downtown by Heather DiLeo

Bennington Potters began as Cooperative Design, the studio of the late David Gil and first wife Gloria Goldfarb ’52, and two others, in 1948 by Heather DiLeo

Alumni making a life and running a business in and around Bennington by Heather DiLeo

When residents in nearby Hoosick Falls, NY and North Bennington, VT discovered their wells and water contaminated, the College stepped in to study, train, and educate students and citizens

A student-led community partnership that weaves advocacy, activism, academics, and community partnership to make a safer, less isolated environment for Vermont’s 3,000 undocumented migrant workers

Originally from Whittier, California, “the birthplace of lowrider trucks and Richard Nixon,” Bill Scully ’94 knew as a freshman he wanted to settle in Bennington by Heather DiLeo

Inspired classes and assignments that take the town as a class and the class into town

A brief look at the College’s economic and cultural impact on the Bennington region

The Bennington Museum represents the largest collection of art and history from Southern Vermont and the historically associated areas of New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire by Heather DiLeo

Alumni news

Bennington’s cultural collaborations create a hotbed for arts in the community by Heather DiLeo

Making art available to everyone, the 23-year-old Vermont Arts Exchange (VAE) provides locals with arts education, performance, and exhibition opportunities​​​​​ by Heather DiLeo

The campus connection

Bennington: Real and Imagined – The Libraries

The Friends of Robert Frost has generously gifted The Robert Frost Stone House Museum to Bennington College.

Recently released alumni work

Leaders of local organizations on the impact of student work and volunteerism throughout Bennington by Alex Dery Snider

Three Bennington alumni and one staff member are shaping Vermont policy and Vermont futures. An inside view of how bills become law in Vermont, the issues driving these policymakers back to the table, and their take on legislative legacies by Shay Totten ’91, P’21

Retiring faculty member Doug Bauer on teaching and time at Bennington by Keegan Ead and Madeline Cole ’16