Amar Sahay '97

Image of Amar Sahay

Neurobiologist Amar Sahay ’97, named one of America’s “Innovative New Scientists” by the National Institute of Mental Health, is an assistant professor at the Center for Regenerative Medicine and the department of psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. He is also principal faculty of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute of Harvard University. The focus of Dr. Sahay’s research interests lies in understanding how stem cells in the adult brain may be harnessed to improve cognition and mood and how alterations in neural circuits contribute to the development of psychiatric disorders. The goal of his research program is ultimately to develop new therapies for cognitive and mood impairments seen in psychiatric disorders such as depression, post-traumatic disorder, and during normal aging.

Sahay was awarded a $2.75 million BRAINS (Biobehavioral Research Awards for Innovative New Scientists) by the National Institute of Mental Health with a grant to explore how the brain curbs fear.