Bennington College Bookstore


The Bennington College Bookstore sells course materials and supplies, logo apparel and gifts, snacks and beverages, and books authored by Bennington College faculty, alumni, and students.

The online Bookstore is now open!


Physical Store is open. In addition the Online Bookstore is open for shipping and pick up orders.

Commencement Week, May 24-29
9:00 am-7:00 pm Monday to Friday
9:00 am-1:00 pm Saturday, May 29

Sunday, May 30 and Monday, May 31

Summer beginning Tuesday, June 1
8:30 am-4:00 pm Monday to Friday

Contact & Location

  • Commons (lower level)

Online Store

All items available in the campus store are available on the Bennington College Online Bookstore, including books, supplies, snacks, Bennington swag, gear, and more.

During quarantine, student orders will be delivered to the outside door of the student's house each weekday. Include student cell phone number, house name, and room number in the online order details.

Store Hours During Covid-19

The physical Bookstore will have limited hours during the first week of term during quarantine. During this time, all Bookstore items are available from the online store. Students who are quarantined will have their orders delivered to the outside door of their campus house each weekday. After quarantine, the physical store will return to normal hours. Snacks, beverages, supplies, logo items, and books are all available for ordering online.

Course Materials

  • Undergraduate students: Course material and textbook information posted by faculty is visible in Bennington College's academic information system, Populi—just click on the name of the course in your schedule, and make sure you're on the "Info" tab. Students are encouraged to review these pages well before the beginning of term, and to order all required course materials from a vendor of their choosing, before the term begins. Although a limited number of books will be available for each class in the on-campus bookstore, these are primarily intended to facilitate the add/drop process. 
  • Required supplies are also listed on the course page in Populi. Course supplies will be in stock and available for purchase in the on-campus bookstore at the beginning of term.
  • Postbac premed students will receive ordering information directly from the program’s director.

Art Supplies and Notebooks

General art and school supplies and art supplies that are specifically requested by faculty members for classes are available on campus in the Bookstore. Paint, canvas, specialty paper, tools, brushes, and more are in stock throughout the term.

Course Packets

Course packets are available in the Bookstore.

Bennington College Authors

A wide selection of books authored by Bennington College faculty, alumni, and students are available on campus in the Bookstore.

Lenovo Campus Computing Program

As a convenience to our community Bennington College and Lenovo has created a computer hardware program of pre-built systems. Laptops, Ultrabooks, and accessories are available at our online site.

Check Cashing and Laundry Quarters

Bennington College students, staff, and faculty can cash checks in the Bookstore up to $200. A Bennington College ID card is required. Department Petty Cash checks can be cashed for larger amounts.

Quarters are also available in the Bookstore for student laundry. 

On-campus Book Buybacks

Any book can be brought to the Bookstore the last week of term. Books are ran through an outside organization’s database to determine value and are bought by the outside organization based on national buy-back rates and demand. The store donates all books that do not have buy-back value to community organizations and groups. 

Teresa Sholes
Teresa Sholes
Project Manager
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