Writing Resources for Students

Peer Writing Tutors and Peer Culture, Society, and Language (CSL) Tutors

How to Schedule

  • We are using a scheduling system for tutoring appointments. You can register for an account here: Bennington WCOnline. At the top of the left box, click on "Register for an account" and fill out the information. Once registered, you can login directly.
  • To sign up for an appointment with a Tutor, click here: Peer Tutors Calendar and log into the system. Once logged in, you can view the schedule for all tutors, or limit to a specific set via the "Limit to:" dropdown box above the calendar.
  • When you "schedule" an appointment with a Peer Writing, you will receive an email from the tutor to confirm the time to meet, as well as a platform to use (MyWCOnline, Zoom, etc.) Please make sure to upload your document (in the appointment scheduling box) or share it via Google Drive as soon as you book your appointment. If documents are not received in time, your tutoring appointment may have to be rescheduled.
  • The Peer Culture, Society, and Language (CSL) Tutors have individual schedules, which can be located by choosing "Limit to:" at the top of the calendar, and then choosing the specific language tutor.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does peer tutoring work? What happens during a writing consultation?

The student and tutor work together to develop writing and research skills at any stage of the draft process. Peer tutors will assist the student to evaluate the draft's strengths and the areas for improvement, and then teach various writing concepts to encourage a more critical, thorough, and realized work. Through conversation and example, the tutors will focus on the following aspects of any assignment: clarifying the student's thesis, finding persuasive evidence, structuring the essay, and basic instruction in grammar and style. Ownership of the essay's ideas and rhetoric remains with the student writer, as the tutor serves as a guide to help the student understand the many available writing choices and resources.

What do I need for my tutoring consultation?

To ensure fruitful use of your and the tutor's time, please upload your document either via the appointment booking screen (at the bottom of the screen, choose upload file) or share via Google Drive. Please be sure to log in five minutes before your appointment to ensure your tech works properly.

What kinds of assignments can I bring to the tutors?

You can bring any kind of academic assignment: essays, lab reports, projects, Plan drafts, FWT cover letters, etc. While the Peer Writing Tutors do not assist with creative writing, students may bring those pieces to discuss grammar and style.

Why should I work with a Peer Writing Tutor? 

All writers can benefit from discussing their ideas with others. A Peer Writing Tutor can help a student writer at any stage to develop complex ideas, clarify a thesis or argument, discover the most relevant research, restructure an essay, provide accurate citations, and improve grammar and style in the assignment.

Who are the Peer Writing Tutors? 

They are Bennington students who have demonstrated exemplary writing skills, who do well academically, and who show an aptitude for teaching. Students whose work focuses in any discipline are eligible to apply.

How can I become a Peer Writing Tutor?

Peer Writing Tutor and Student Manager applications are accepted each spring term for full-year positions in the coming academic year. Jobs are posted in Handshake.