Commencement Name Policy

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Commencement is a special and significant moment for students to celebrate their accomplishments with friends and family; it is also an opportunity for us to come together as a community in a ceremony that deserves the seriousness and respect of all involved. Generally, students should have their legal first and last name (in that order) read at the commencement ceremony and published in the program; however, we understand there are situations where a student would like to use a variation of their name, a name other than their legal name, or a name they commonly use on campus. This policy is meant to be flexible to support students with significant reasons and needs. Upon completing the Intent to Graduate form, students who wish to use a name at Commencement other than their legal or other name on file with the College will be contacted and asked to provide an explanation for their request. These requests will be reviewed by the Provost to determine if they will be permitted and students will be notified prior to Commencement with the final decision.