Indication of Preferred Name and Pronoun in College Records

STUDENT HANDBOOK: Academics and Field Work Term

Any student wishing to use a name other than their legal name in their educational records and for other College business may do so by listing the name they use in the College’s information systems. The name change will be reflected in campus records and communications and will be used whenever possible, except for in cases where the use of a legal name is required by College business or legal need. The name change will be reflected in the following records: Populi, alumni records, housing rosters, College publications, and the Bennington Card.

The Office of the Registrar has an online form that will generate name, pronoun, and email update requests, if applicable, directly to the college registrar. Alternatively, students can meet in person with Jaime Babic, Registrar and Director of Enrollment services, at any time during their enrollment at the College to update their name and/or pronouns.

If a new Bennington Card is generated, one's preferred name must be the same in Populi as it will be on their Card. The cost for any new Bennington Card is $15. Please note that a second form of identification may be required when using your new Bennington Card as a form of identification.