Photo of Anna Gazmarian by Joe Lindsay Healing Spiritual Trauma Through Writing: 5 Questions for Anna Gazmarian

By Craig Morgan Teicher

Anna Gazmarian (MFA, ’20, Nonfiction) began work on what would become her debut, Devout: A Memoir of Doubt (Simone & Schuster, 2024), while she was a nonfiction student in the Bennington Writing Seminars. The book chronicles her struggles with bipolar disorder as a member of the Evangelical community, where prayer was posited as the only solution to mental health distress. I talked to Anna on the heels of her book tour.  Among other things, we discuss writing, publishing, and going to church at the gym.

Jason Sebastian Russo photo by Steve Gullick Tired of Talking About Guitar Pedals: 5 Questions for Jason Sebastian Russo

By Craig Morgan Teicher

Jason Sebastian Russo is currently studying fiction and poetry in the Writing Seminars as a dual-genre MFA candidate. He’s also the residential teaching fellow for the Spring term. But before he came to Bennington, he had a long and flourishing career in indie rock—he was a member of the legendary Mercury Rev as well as a number of other bands, including Hopewell, Guiding Light, and Pete International Airport. As he begins his semester on campus, he and I talked about how he found his way from the stage to the page, the differences between songs and poems, and the power and importance of teaching.

10 New Faculty Members Get to Know Some New Writing Seminars Faculty

By Craig Morgan Teicher

Ten amazing writers have recently joined the Writing Seminars faculty, and we’re thrilled to introduce them. We asked them to tell us about  the last thing they wrote, among other things. Read their answers, as well as some brilliant first sentences from their books and essays.

stack of 2023 books in library at Bennington The Books of 2023

The latest additions to Bennington’s rich literary history have hit bookstore shelves. Their authors join Bennington notables, including Donna Tartt '86, Kiran Desai '93, Michael Pollan '76, ​Ann Goldstein '71, Anaïs Duplan '14, Anne Waldman '66, Cynthia Sweeney MFA '13, Jamie Quatro MFA '09, Amy Gerstler '01, Morgan Jerkins MFA '16, and Charles Bock '97.

Jason Sebastian Russo Jason Sebastian Russo Selected as Residential Teaching Fellow at Bennington Writing Seminars

Jason Sebastian Russo, an MFA student in fiction and poetry, has been selected to be the twelfth Residential Teaching Fellow at Bennington Writing Seminars.