Faculty News

Faculty Member David Anderegg Presenting New Book at Northshire Bookstore Tonight at 7:00pm

Bennington psychology faculty member David Anderegg will read from his new book Nerds: Who They Are and Why We Need More of Them at the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, Vermont on Thursday, May 15, 2008.

Nerds: Who They Are and Why We Need More of Them takes a closer look at the nerd stereotype and has gotten nods from The Washington Post, The Economist, The Boston Herald, and The Boston Globe among many other media outlets. As the The Washington Post describes it: Anderegg's book “deconstructs the [nerd] stereotype, traces its history and makes the case that it undermines individual kids and the country as whole.”

The Boston Globe review declares "Anderegg has written a spirited and thoughtful introduction to this culture war: the jocks or 'pops' (popular kids) vs. the nerds...."

Publishers Weekly wrote, “Knowledgeable, charming and self-deprecating throughout, Anderegg is at his best when discussing the specific cases of children he's worked with... For educators, therapists and others interested in child psychology, this makes an insightful, if perhaps overstuffed, resource."

Beyond exploring nerds individually, the book zeros in on America’s anti-intellectual culture. Offering further insight and depth to this phenomenon, Anderegg has been frequently featured on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation programs, most notably Q. In addition to his CBC appearances, Anderegg appeared on The Bob Edwards Show carried on XM Satellite Radio.