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Feitlowitz Translates Salvador Novo’s Autobiography

Literature faculty member Marguerite Feitlowitz’s translated autobiography of Mexican writer Salvador Novo, which includes 19 translated sonnets, recounts Novo's coming-of-age amidst the violent Mexican Revolution and offers a history of his passions—both literary and otherwise. Published this spring by University of Texas Press, Pillar of Salt is "nothing short of beautiful," wrote critic Micah McCrary in his review.

Feitlowitz has provided us not only with a text but with a character," McCrary added. "Novo is a charismatic and charming individual here, one with whom I would make certain friends, and I owe this assumption to the treatment of language and idiosyncrasy given to the book while translating"

Pillar of Salt was highlighted in Next Magazine’s April 2014 book preview.