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Ferrante Exposé

Barbara Alfano published an essay on Elena Ferrante’s La Frantumaglia: A Writer's Journey, in Stanford’s Arcade in response to Claudio Gatti's exposé of Elena Ferrante’s identity.

Elena Ferrante, Alfano

Ferrante's lastest work, a non-fiction piece about writing will be released in English on November 1, translated by Ann Goldstein '71. 

Alfano's essay, "The Honest Truth: Ferrante's Frantumaglia," is situated in the wake of Gatti's exposé, which identifies translator Anita Raja as name Elena Ferrante.

Alfano argues that, while, "Elena Ferrante’s identity should have been protected...there is something undeniably positive that Gatti’s article accomplishes for readers and scholars of Ferrante: in spite of its intent, it confirms the absolute truth of Ferrante’s La frantumaglia as a programmatic work, completely coherent with the writer’s thought on authorship."