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Field Work Term Spotlight: Will Parker

Will Parker '26 studies Acting in Theater at Bennington. During the 2024 Field Work Term, Parker worked at Roundabout Theatre Company in New York City.

Image of Will Parker

How did your FWT relate to (or diverge from!) your studies at Bennington?

Working at the Roundabout under the masterful supervision of Scott Ellis in directing Doubt perfectly complemented the thesis of my work here at Bennington, which is to gain as much knowledge watching others work and to put myself in the shoes of all positions within theater.

What did a typical day at your FWT site look like? 

I would arrive to the theater between 10:00 to 11:00, get coffee for myself and the director, and then I would watch in on the tech and rehearsals of Doubt. I’d look at the stage from different angles, take notes on projection and blocking, stand in for actors and overall assist the director, Scott Ellis.

What surprised or challenged you the most about your position?

I was surprised with how compact of a team it was for such a massive production. There were a lot of moving parts and people, but there were far fewer people than I would have thought. It showed how devoted and experienced each of them were at their jobs.

What do you hope to do for your next FWT?

I'm a filmmaker, and, while I study Acting In Theater at Bennington, would like to do a project within film to see the similarities between acting and filmmaking. I would like it to be in New York City, as well, as it is a hub for all people who find collaboration paramount in this industry. Hopefully reuniting with some of my past collaborators will be a possibility as well. I hope to continue to make movies and theater for as long as I can, working with those I love.