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From Inspiration to Exhibition

Josh Blackwell: Neveruses Report Progress will be celebrated with a reception and a performance at the Museum of Art and Design in New York City. The show is the first ever installation in the MAD Process Lab. 

Neveruses Report Progress

The Process Lab explores all the phases of an artist's creation process, from inspiration to exhibition.  

At 6:00 PM on February 2, 2017 there will be a performance to accompany Blackwell’s works by dancer/choreographer Daniel Roberts and musician Alex Huberty. The interplay between art and music is "founded upon a kindred approach to making things." As such, Roberts and Huberty "will be accompanied by performers dressed in wearable art-garments." 

"Josh Blackwell makes intentionally redundant objects from plastic bags. The plastic bag is a cipher—its malignance derives from its perceived worthlessness. Transformed via colorful embroidery, photography, video, performance, and music, his series Neveruses proposes new and unexpected purposes for this ubiquitous resource." 

The installation will be on view in the Project Space through Sunday, February 18.