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Kline Awarded Creative Arts Grant

Jonathan Kline has been awarded a creative arts grant from the American Scandinavian Foundation for his continued sky research in Svalbard in 2022.

dawn dusk art

Kline was first awarded this prestigious fellowship in 2006, and has now been granted a second fellowship to begin a new chapter of sky research at this archipelago located in the Arctic Circle. The American Scandinavian Foundation provides funding on a competitive basis for Americans pursuing projects in Scandinavia. 

I am thrilled for the opportunity to return to this region of the earth-the most optimal locale for this work-during late winter when these subtle changes in light are most apparent,” said Kline.

Kline will be working on his visual arts project, Dawn/Dusk, which uses a specially-designed slit aperture analog film camera to record 40 minute intervals of the shift in color and density of the overhead light at these two times of day. The significant shifts in the sun’s position overhead will be recorded as sequenced minimal gradations of color that will be compiled into a final series of large prints for gallery exhibition.