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Pibal's Surf Type at Team Gallery

From December 6, 2018, to January 19, 2019, Ann Pibal's Surf Type is on display at Team Gallery In New York.

Surf Type

From Blouin Artinfo:

"The artist Ann Pibal has chosen surfing — particularly mid-century depictions of male, American surfers in print magazines — as the lens through which to view not only new modes of artistic abstraction but also the gender and power politics therein. On view at the Team Gallery in Manhattan through January 19, her current exhibition Surf Type both poses this question and continues her signature style of doing away with artistic hierarchies, exploring a work’s medium and physicality, and finding new meaning in classic archetypes. Our critic Cody Delistraty interviewed her on her art, her practice, and her ideas about surfing as a symbol and a metaphor in American masculinity. You can read their conversation here."

Pibal is attuned to the subtlest shifts in perspective, angle, and depth of field. She is a master surfer of the visual, perceptually hanging ten.