Faculty News

The Rise of Trumpism

An online forum of scholarly essays co-edited by faculty member David Bond examines the stark social divides being exposed with Donald Trump’s contentious rise to power.

Cultural Anthropology

“The rise of Trumpism is a clarifying moment,” Bond and his co-editor, Lucas Bessire, write. “It is important not primarily because of the candidate or his rhetoric or the social movement that propelled him to the White House. Rather, this moment is significant for what it demands of us as scholars, teachers, and citizens. In the face of fake news and cosmopolitan shock and public violence, everyone is compelled to take a stand. Like earlier confrontations with scientific racism or Vietnam-era counterinsurgency, the present poses blunt questions about difference and responsibility. Then it dares us to do something. Together.”

The forum, hosted on the Cultural Anthropology Society’s website, was included in a well-known anthropology blog’s list of resources devoted to Understanding Race After Charlottesville.