Student Work

SCT Senior Thesis Presentation: Spring 2023

On Tuesday, May 22, 2023, five seniors presented their SCT thesis.

Image of Rotimi Suberu
Faculty member Rotimi Suberu welcome attendees
Image of Aylan Connor
Aylan Connor '23 presents
Image of Jasmine Groom
Jasmine Groom '23 presents

Hosted by SCT faculty member Rotimi Suberu, this evening presentation offered an exciting vision of what SCT students have been working on this year. From imperial beheadings to flag burning protests, from queer uniforms to spirit possession, these presentations showcase the breadth and depth of Advanced Work in SCT. With stories of love and social theory, SCT faculty member Teddy Pozo raised a glass for the seniors, toasting a job well done and also just begun.

Ayla Conner '23, “A Uniform for the Unique: The Effect of the Queer Uniform on Queer Adult’s Identity”

Jasmine Groom '23, “Construction of Dissent and Orthodoxy in Late Antique Christianity”

Malva Miranda '23, “Hegemonic Construction: A Story of Pathologized Birth in Argentina” 

Courtney Nelson '23, “Magic/Relgion, Modernity, & Medicine: Conceptualizing Lên đồng Vietnamese Spirit Possession”

Alyssa Pong '23, “Ambiguous Assemblages: Re-envisioning Connectivity Across Southeast Asia Through Strengthened ASEAN-Youth Engagement”

Malva Miranda presenting
Malva Miranda '23 presents
Image of Alyssa Pong
Alyssa Pong '23 presents
Image of person giving toast
Faculty member Teddy Pozo toasts graduates